Sunday, December 13, 2009

Long time, no post

Things have been crazy for the last couple of months. The dramas I have had with my family exceed any soap opera. Seriously. But some good has happened too, wedding date has been postponed so it falls on our 10 year anniversary. I have finished my course for this year and am learning to drive. So it's all good.

I finished my dad's jumper and have made no progress on my black ribbed cardigan. I have lost complete interest in the dishcloth blanket too.

But I did make a pathways blanket which took a couple of months but was fun because the colors were always changing so it was hard to get bored. It used up a lot of my scrap yarn. Only problem is it is more of a display blanket, not too comfy being it had so many weaved in ends. Not very drapy, but I love it.
Now I am working on a cabled cardigan for my daughter, the pattern i found on ravelry. It's called "Mi escuelita" by Rosi GArmendia. It's absolutely gorgeous and i am delighted with my progress so far. Cables are certainly easier than I expected and lots of fun. I can't wait to get to the next cable turn and watch it grow. I'm making the cardigan in purple and might even make another one for my little sister. In a different color of course :)
I also have a country style stitchionary blanket on the go, when I get bored. It's fantastic learning new stitches on a small scale. Plus it helps to use up all the single skeins i have floating around. I need the space!
Til next time, Danii xoxox