Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years - Casting on and weaving ends

Well, I finally finished Chloe's cardigan and she loves it. She hasn't taken it off since i gave it to her, and it doesn't even have buttons yet!!! So happy and proud of myself. I promised myself I would finish by new years, and I did with an hour and a half left! A very close call. :) I did the finishing and weaving ends yesterday, but that didn't count. I had finished knitting!

Isn't it gorgeous! The photos aren't the best, but oh well. This is my first

cabled project and it was a lot easier to cabled than I had imagined. I think I now have a cabling bug :)
I recently ordered some beautiful new handwash wool in a red tweed to make my mum a long cardigan/ jacket for mother's day. This gives me five months, so I should be done by then. I can't wait to get the wool, but I expect it to be a few days away still. I bought it from Bendigo Woolen Mills and their prices are fantastic! I bought 800 grams for $44. Couldn't get close to that at my local Spotlight.
I'm going to visit a few LYS's this week, to explore, but also to hunt down some new needles. The ones i'm using are ok, but i'm sure that there are nicer ones out there. Should be fun.
For now however, I'm going to work on a simple afghan square for some mindless knitting. I then have Nathan's jumper with a couple of stripes to finish up. Even though It's summer, it makes sense to me to make these cold weather garments now, before it's too late!
Til Next time, Danielle