Saturday, December 31, 2011

Today's Spotlight Haul!

I went to spotlight today for their massive end of year sale. I also had 2 coupons for $10 off. And what I came away with is unbelievable!

7 50g balls Patons Inca blue 7026
7 50g balls Patons Inca brown 7030
12 50g balls cleckheaton green 1301
12 50g balls cleckheaton grey 0216
20 50g balls cleckheaton wide olive green 0006

And all it cost me was $77!!! Unbelievable! Going by retail shelf prices it should've cost me over $350! I'm honestly amazed and thrilled. I have enough for 3 sweaters for myself and 2 for my son.

I love sales!!!!!

Loving my Owls

After finishing the "Ugly Socks" I got back into knitting my owls sweater, even though the season is completely wrong! I'm wearing strapless dresses due to accidental- but severe- sunburn. It is hot! So knitting a jumper seems a bit silly, but after finishing my February Lady Sweater, I remembered how much I love knitting sweaters.

I had two unfortunate projects, a grey and black striped sweater and my basic black cardigan, which kinda turned me off sweater knitting for a while. I am also a little unhappy with the fit of my Seneca sweater, I do not like the extra fabric in the back, and I should've made it longer.

So it was these projects which took away some of my enthusiasm. But I have realized that as long as I knit to fit me, and add in the design elements, I seem to be happy.

My owls sweater has nothing to do with the pattern so far, knit out of dk and not a bulky weight, I have had to do a lot of recalculating for the body and sleeves. My first attempt at the body was too big, second try a perfect fit. The sleeves are a perfect fit as well, although I did not take into account wearing a long sleeved top underneath. But I'm not going back now. I should finish the first sleeve today.

The yoke will obviously have the owls pattern in it, but it will be significantly smaller than the original design. But I think I'll prefer that anyway. Once I join the sleeves I will probably knit for a few rows, then do a decrease round to set up for the owls pattern. Follow that with 2 more yoke decrease rounds after and it should work out to plan, I hope. Looking forward to the challenge either way.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ugly, hideous socks!

I finished the socks that I said were not my colors, and I think they are hideous! On one sock the skein had a color progression error, so they barely even look fraternal. I do not like them.

I have also reached another conclusion, I do not enjoy doing afterthought heel socks either. I do like how the color progressions stay intact, but I find them boring to knit. I miss my slip stitch, short row heel. I love doing them! Plus I find they fit my feet a lot better.

I have never cared whether my socks match, to me the fit is most important, along with the enjoyment of knitting them. So for me, back to colors I prefer, and the design I like best. You may need sunglasses for these socks though!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Presenting: The February Lady Sweater!

I have not posted in a long time, between having bronchitis, working, buying a new car, working and the approach of the silly season, I barely had time to knit, let alone have anything to discuss. I desperately needed a more interesting project other than my 2 stockinette projects, but I did not have the energy to cast anything new on.

But first, I'd like to present the finished February Lady Sweater, which has become one of my favourite cardigans already, along with my Tangled Yoke and my Central Park Hoodie. I wore this all day yesterday:

I do apologise for the quality of the photos, It's not always easy taking a picture of yourself in the mirror! The image of the cardigan isn't the best, but you can see that it fits well, is the perfect length and size. So happy with the end result.

At first I was sceptical about choosing such a dark color, but it is just right for me. I think the darkness of the yarn combined with the lace pattern within the cardigan gives it just enough elegance and youth to make it an everyday sweater for me.

Hopefully, I will continue to blog more frequently, I'm on holidays now, my needles are clicking and the main chaos of the holidays has passed. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Only Stockinette in the Round

At the moment I have only two projects on the needles, my Owls sweater and a pair of afterthought heel socks. All I have is miles and miles of what feels like endless stockinette in the round.

Working on the February Lady Sweater reminded me of how much I love the various stitches that can be made in knitting, how interesting it can be. So tonight I did a mass printout of lace shawl patterns.

I haven't cast anything on yet, I can't decide what I want to do yet. I also have my eye on a few other cardigans that have lace in them, for summer. Cables for winter.

I also have my eyes on some color work sweaters for me and a circular shawl as some of my goals for next year. For now, I'm over the mindless stockinette!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

February Lady Sweater, Unblocked

So, my February lady sweater has all the knitting finished, and I still have half a ball of wool left. I chose not to keep going, when I tried it on and stretched it a little, it was the perfect length.

Now I need to weave in ends, give it a soak and block it. Very exciting! I'm very happy with it so far, and expect to be even happier with it once it's blocked. I love the fact that once you have cast off that last stitch, you are done! The beauty and magic of seamless knits.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Both February Sleeves Finished

I was off sick yesterday, a lovely case of bronchitis. I have been watching Sanctuary, a new series which I really enjoy. I also got stuck into my February Lady Sweater, and am pleased to say that both the sleeves are now complete.

I have tried it on and it fits beautifully, the sleeves come just past my elbows. Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn during the cast off on the second sleeve and had to start another ball to finish it. Definitive proof that not all balls of yarn have the same meterage.

I have continued on the body, and now have one and a half balls left which should give me the perfect length. On the home run now!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One February Sleeve

I fished the first sleeve yesterday. It used up a full 50g ball of wool so I'm happy I chose to do it before finishing the body. I kept the extra 7 stitches in because I have wide arms, and I'm pleased to say they fit perfectly. So far, unblocked.

I'm not a big fan of top down knitting, it is so awkward knitting the sleeves. I much prefer bottom up knitting, even if the first few rows after adding the sleeves are a little fiddley, I still enjoy the process more.

But on we go, I've picked up the stitches and I'll begin the second sleeve.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Not My Colors

I started a new sock today, another afterthought heel, and I have chosen a yarn that is the complete opposite of what colors appeal to me. I love blue undertones in my colors, a lot of blues, greens, purples, maroons and occasionally a bit of pink. I've never been drawn to yellows, oranges or bright reds.

And that I think, is the beauty of sock yarns. You can play with colors you wouldn't normally use, or colors that do not look good on you, because in the end, they'll be on your feet.

I first discovered this with the last pair of socks I made, the pink and green were not colors I typically would wear, but I loved knitting them. And I hope it's the same for these. Either way it'll keep my project page bright!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Daughter Is Wearing My Socks!

A lot of the socks I have made myself are too small now, either due to knitting them with only 56 stitches, my gauge being too tight, or they have accidentally made it through the washing machine and dryer.

I have discovered that when they are too tight, they itch me like crazy, and are also generally uncomfortable. So I suggested my daughter try some on and if they kinda fit she can have them as bed socks. And to her absolute delight they fit! Well almost.

The socks seem to fit really well in circumference, but still an inch or so too long in the toe. Plenty of room to grow I said. So, I will now continue knitting my bigger socks for me, and pass on all the pairs that are now too small for me. I'm just glad I found a recipient, I did not want to have to throw them away!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

FO: Afterthought Heel Socks

I have finished my first afterthought heel socks, and they are very similar. I expected there to be a big difference in how they looked, much more fraternal rather than identical, but they sort of worked out the same. Almost.

They fit well, however I may add an extra 1/4 inch to the foot as they feel a little bit too short. Not enough to make them unwearable, just a tiny bit noticeable. Overall I'm very pleased with how they have turned out, and the afterthought heel is so easy!

I really enjoyed knitting these colors up as well. The dark/black sections and the gorgeous blue are certainly my colors, and I'd never really liked pale pinks or bright lime greens. And yet the combination of all of these colors made a bright, colorful and happy yarn that lifted my mood every time I picked it up. I definitely want some more of these bright colors in my future.