Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bored and Excited!

I have gotten bored with my current projects, dad's sweater because it is sooooo simple and sooooo brown, my ribbed cardigan because it is sooooo black and soooo ribbed, my niece's blanket because it is soooo pink and sooooo awkward the longer it gets.

So I have had a few ideas, which should keep me busy for many many months (and more!) and keep me interested with the different colors and techniques. I am going on a quilt/afghan/blanket binge. they are:

1. Pathways blanket, using all the varigated, self-striping and patterned yarns with a base cream color, knit on a diagonal. Quick and easy little squares, lots of color and as I'm sewing them together as I make them......quite addictive.

2. Blue Blanket, Green Blanket, Purple Blanket, Yellow Blanket, Pink Blanket, Natural Blanket, Red Blanket etc. These blankets with all be made from individual colors, but with as many variations that I can find. I intend to go through a stitch dictionary, The Harmony Guide, and create squares using techniques from the book, beginning to end. Covering basic stitches, cabling, lace, colorwork and fairisle, I hope to have very colorful, interesting and individual blankets.

3. Classic Country Quilt, using the above technique of squares using various techniques but using a variety of colors that to me represent a classic country look. Cream, muted and musty pinks, greens, blues and reds, This quilt is destined to be the centrepiece of whichever room it ends up in.

In case you are concerned about the destiny of all these quilts, they will eventually make it to their owners, the family members or friends who fall in love with them. I have no fears that they will end up homeless or banished to a cupboard, even in this house there can never be too many blankets/quilts/afghans/throws etc.

I also have plans to make baby clothes for my niece who will be delivered on 9 November. But no hurry there, I'll be making size 1 & 2's, plenty of time. I will not forget my current projects, they still hold their places, the sweater whle reading, the cardigan outside and the blanket for watching movies.

Til next time............happy knitting!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another week gone

This last week Chloe returned to school for term 4, can't believe it's almost the end of the year already! Before I know it she'll be in Grade 3! Nathan is learning new words at a lightening pace now, and very confident in getting his message across. He is almost 3 and that's just as mind-boggling a concept as Chloe being almost 8 :) Nathan is definately developing into a monster, I can barely leave the room or he'll destroy something, but at least Spring is here and the weather is lovely and i've managed to keep the kids outside. Can't destroy as much out there.

My knitting is plodding along, almost halfway through the heart dishcloth blanket for my niece. I'm knitting it in 4 long panels of 5 blocks, hoping to finish the second panel today. Dad's sweater is coming along nicely too, the body is completed and the first arm has begun. Just one arm and the neck to go. I measured the sweater against dad's back and it looks like it'll fit perfectly. It's been fantastic reading knitting! My black ribbed cardigan is making excellent progress too, especially as it is my outdoor knitting. Being ribbed and black, it is certainly easier to knit in the sun. Also being on circulars, it is easy to start up and put down no matter where i am.

My sisters have been having man troubles which keep flying my way, getting teary, hysterical calls at all times seems to be my calling. I don't understand their behaviour, but at least i get to test out and practice the skills i'm learning in my course. As I plan to help people for a living, counselling, i guess it is a positive that they want to talk to me. And I think i'm helping them. I hope.

I've finished reading Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs, and I must admit i did not like it as much as Friday Night Knitting Club. Bit boring for me. But i've started Silent Scream by Lynda LaPlante and am really enjoying it so far. I'm also listening to The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown on my iPod. Definately follows the distinctive style and concepts that are unique to Dan Brown, and i have really enjoyed it. I like stories that have some interesting concepts and ideas in them, makes for more entertaining reading than some other novels out there.

Til next time..........Danielle

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Outdoor Knitting

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, Spring is definately in the air! I had the kids outside for a few hours, playing on the swings, slide, trampoline, balls and with Angel, our dog. When they got bored with that, out came some books and the matchbox cars. While my DD read about Wooly Mammoths (and insisted on sharing every word :P) my DS set up his car ramp to race his matchbox cars through the umbrella hole in our Jarrah table. A couple of sandwiches and some fruit and they were content away from the tv which was a miracle in itself.

I, on the other hand, got to enjoy a few hours of "Day Knitting" in one chunk. While outside they let me knit on my black ribbed cardigan which was fantastic. It was so much easier to see in daylight. A lot trickier to see inside unfortunately. But I managed to add a few inches which I'm really pleased with. Just hope it fits at the end! I've never made a cardigan for myself before.

I'm hoping to go outside again today, it's supposed to be another nice spring day, but knowing Melbourne, maybe not! I need to work on my dishcloth blanket and dad's sweater today too, even a couple of rows feels very productive.

Oh and yesterday was a cleaning day too, which followed a baking day! I tidied up a lot of the house, which isn't easy with 2 kids and 2 grown men who quite frankly, can't seem to put anything away. They all have a habit of turning any surface into storage, which gets very cluttered very quickly. A bit of vaccuuming today, some more tidying and hopefully a lot of knitting!

Til next time......Danielle

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Knitting in Black

I bought some yarn ages ago, in black without thinking through how it would be to knit. It's not too hard, but not too easy either. I'm knitting a ribbed cardigan in one piece, and although i'm good at ribbing, because i can't see exactly where i am at a glance, i need to look closely. I always check once in a while to make sure i haven't accidently knit instead of purled, or vice versa.

The pattern is from the book "One Thousand Sweaters" and i love the fact that the book teaches you how to mix and match bodies, sleeves, pockets and necklines. It is also fantastic for giving a lot of basic patterns for loose or fitted garments. I believe this will help me to understand future patterns that i read. I chose just a basic 2x2 rib, because of the black. I want the cardigan to be fitted and have made it with negative ease. Only just. But i also amended the pattern to knit the two fronts and the back in one piece, so i figure it'll be a little bit bigger because of no seaming.

I have been working on my dad's sweater while reading "Comfort Food'. It's not really my kind of thing, but it's ok. While knitting my ribbed cardi I have been alternating between podcasts and listening to audio-books. I'm currently listening to "Deja Dead" by Kathy Reichs. I've read it before, but i love her books. The dishcloth blanket I'm making for my niece is plodding along, I do a couple of rows here and there when i get a chance. Usually when the kids are quiet and eating!

Definately feeling kinda lonely for knitting company, but it's so hard without a car. Unfortunately no one lives close enough that i feel comfortable inviting them over, it's a long trek for them. And I don't know any knitters that live closer. Hopefully I'll find some soon, taking little one to playgoup this week, might meet some then!

Til next time . . . . . Danielle