Sunday, April 3, 2011

Swatching For Seneca

Today I decided to swatch for Seneca, swatching being something I don't usually do. However as I'm knitting this sweater out of handspun, I thought I'd better do a swatch as I have had no experience with this wool.
I also decided that as this whole project is in the round, that I will use this as an opportunity to practice my continental knitting, hopefully to acheive a faster and more efficient knitting skill. I also knit this in the round as the pattern suggests, to minimise any errors.

I was very pleased with how well I picked up the continental method again, although it was always the purling I had trouble with. I probably didn't knit as much as I should've, but oh well. I was pleased to notice that my stitches were a bit looser, which is a relief as lately my stitches strangle the needles, and I struggles sometimes to pull them back off the cable and onto the needle.

After casting off, I washed the swatch in a warm bath of Softly wool wash. Then let it air dry. I was pleased to see the wool blossom up a bit, something which I had not really noticed before. Where I thought the holes were perhaps too big, they filled out nicely. The imperfections in my spinning also seemed to balance out after washing too. I have made gauge using 4.5mm needles, so I am looking forward to casting on for my Handspun Seneca very soon.

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  1. I can't wait to see how this turns out! Seneca has been in my queue for a very long time. How did you decide on this pattern for your first handspun sweater?