Friday, March 30, 2012

FO - Fern Green Pimpelliese

A few days ago I completed my Fern Green Pimpelliese. It got to a stage where it was all I could think about, all I wanted to knit. I became obsessed. I was loving watching the color repeats change, the points of each little triange come out of the fabric, and the way the rows got smaller and smaller. I was so addictive.Everything else was forgotten. I knit on it in the mornings before work, during lunch breaks and when I got home. This only lasted a few days because then it was finished.


 I will admit I was a bit disappointed about the weighing of my yarn. I weighed it numerous times to ensure that I started the decrease section as soon as it hit 50g left. Exactly half way. But I still had a 15 gram skein left once I cast off that final stitch. Abit disappointing, but it will make a gorgeous mini monster when it grows up!

The yarn I used was Moda Vera Fern from Spotlight, and although I'm not too fond of most of the Moda Vera yarn range, I was very happy with this yarn. It is a light fingering and soft, and what drew me the most was the color repeats. Stunniing. From dark greens, to bright greens, maroons and purples, the colors all gradiate into the next creating what I think is a stunning piece of knitting. This has yet to be blocked, and 'm hoping that a photo in true daylight will better represent the colors in this yarn.

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