Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moderne Log Cabin Blanket

In the big Spotlight sale at Christmas and the relocating sale at my LYS, I bought about 4-5 sweaters worth of yarn for my daughter. Only to have her tell me, she'd prefer them in a blanket. A BIG blanket.

So I chose the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket by Mason Dixon. It has been fun, but a lot of work. The endless garter stitch has been much needed lately, I haven't felt like cables or lace or thinking, just knitting. And it certainly provides that!

I have enjoyed knitting the big blocks and seeing how the colors I chose in the order I chose work together. At first I was a bit unsure, but now my daughter and I love it. I have used a mix of solid lavender and solid "Poseidon" a light teal I suppose, with a completely Varigated pink and purple mix, as well as a green Varigated yarn. The effect is different to say the least.

The blanket is very big now. I am on the second last block and although the blanket is lovely to knit on at night, over my lap, keeping me toasty warm, each row takes about 10 minutes. Then flipping the blanket to knit back. A little unwieldy. And the weight! Of I don't have my wrists low enough, the weight of the blanket can hurt.

But love hurts doesn't it?


  1. Oooh that's pretty! I've done a couple of baby blankets using that pattern, but I'm in awe of anyone who will tacket the full size one!!!

  2. It's absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors. Your perseverence is admirable.