Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Natural Disaster???? And I was thinking TGIF.....

Finally sitting at home, thinking TGIF and having a glass of red, some cashew and cherry dark chocolate, curled up on the couch and loving the sounds of my kids playing. And of course my knitting next to me and a new desire to knit patterned socks running through my brain.......hmmmm shopping?

And then I flick channels and come accross the sad and scary news, Japan has been hit by an 8.9 earthquake and then a 7.4 30 minutes later. Tsunami warnings are set for through the night, and we have been told Australia will feel an impact. I shouldn't feel too much being at the bottom, but who knows. At least I am not near the coastline, although my sister is in Queensland. With this coming so close  behind the floods, Cyclone Yasi, the earthquake in New Zealand, now this, it makes you wonder if we will even have a planet left by the end of the year. A bit dramatic I know, but how many natural disasters can we take?

It really makes you appreciate your own life and that the trouble we may face are really very minor to what can happen and does happen to people all around the world. A shit day really doesn't look to bad in comparison. It also makes you cherish the time you have at home with the kids and other loved ones. It will certainly make me appreciate the time I have at home with the kids this weekend.

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