Monday, March 7, 2011

A Knit for all Moments

With spare time at a minimum, I want to be using each moment to it's greatest potential in regards to my knitting. This means making sure I have a project that is applicable to all moments, so none are left with me sitting there twiddling my thumbs. So here is the plan:

1: Practical and portable knitting: My basic black cardigan. Knit in pieces this project is small and highly portable, simple enough for those quick moments of knit time, and simple enough that I can read while knitting. Always a bonus to do more than one thing at once.

2: Slightly complex knitting: My daughter's cabled cardigan. Is simple enough to pull out at any time, especially while watching tv, the cable interesting enough to keep you going, but memorable so that it does not require too much brain power. Also in a lovely color to defend against boredom.

3: A fingering weight lace shawl: More complicated than the others, the project I bring out when I want to immerse myself completely and accept a challenge. Lace has always needed more of my attention than cabled patterns do, and less fiddly with only the yo and k2tog etc to deal with. A meditative rhythm can definately be acheived.

4: A knit in the round sweater: A largish project containing miles of stockinette stitch in the round that needs no thought, no concerntration and can be done in the dark. Ideal for movie theatres, when sitting in a dark room while your child goes to sleep, or when you just do not want to think at all.

The last 2 projects are not on the needles yet, but the plans are certainly in progress as I completed my striped jumper for me, and now have only 2 projects on the go. Ordinarily I do not like to have too many projects on the go, but at the moment, I feel I need to to optimise my knitting time, prevent boredom and give me something to look forward to.

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