Monday, February 20, 2012

Casting on Chloe's Multnomah

Chloe requested a shawl, a big shawl she can completely wrap herself in. She also requested a cardigan knit out of Moda Vera fern. A new 50/50 wool acrylic blend with some gorgeous color changes and a little fuzz. But the yarn is a fingering weight, a fine fingering weight and I was not going to knit a cardigan out of it. But a shawl? Sure!

I searched on ravelry for shawl patterns that were simple enough to show off the color gradients in the yarn, but also with a little interest so I don't get bored. The first choice was the Multnomah. A simple pattern, the body in garter stitch and the edging in lace. The garter stitch shows off the colors wonderfully.

In my fit of startitis I have a few more cast on to talk about.......soon.

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