Thursday, February 23, 2012

Casting on for Cece

A few days ago I cast on Cece. I calculated how to lengthen it including shaping and was ready to go. Today I frogged it. I realized I want my Cece to be an open cardigan and there is no reason for the circumference of the cardigan to be as big ad the circumference of my body. It won't stay open properly that way.

I was also concerned about yarn quantity. I have 12 balls of patons fireside I got given, and I have never seen it in shops so I don't know how old it is, or even if I could find more in the same Colorway. This is particularly concerning as I am knitting the 3/4 sleeves and want an extra 5 inches in length. I think I'll be fine, but not if I widen the length of the body.

So I'm starting again. I am knitting the 38" as I have seen a few people mentioning it blocks bigger on ravelry. The good news is I enjoy the lace pattern as I had finished a repeat before I frogged it!

(The color of the balls is more accurate than the color of the knitting.)

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