Sunday, October 4, 2009

Outdoor Knitting

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, Spring is definately in the air! I had the kids outside for a few hours, playing on the swings, slide, trampoline, balls and with Angel, our dog. When they got bored with that, out came some books and the matchbox cars. While my DD read about Wooly Mammoths (and insisted on sharing every word :P) my DS set up his car ramp to race his matchbox cars through the umbrella hole in our Jarrah table. A couple of sandwiches and some fruit and they were content away from the tv which was a miracle in itself.

I, on the other hand, got to enjoy a few hours of "Day Knitting" in one chunk. While outside they let me knit on my black ribbed cardigan which was fantastic. It was so much easier to see in daylight. A lot trickier to see inside unfortunately. But I managed to add a few inches which I'm really pleased with. Just hope it fits at the end! I've never made a cardigan for myself before.

I'm hoping to go outside again today, it's supposed to be another nice spring day, but knowing Melbourne, maybe not! I need to work on my dishcloth blanket and dad's sweater today too, even a couple of rows feels very productive.

Oh and yesterday was a cleaning day too, which followed a baking day! I tidied up a lot of the house, which isn't easy with 2 kids and 2 grown men who quite frankly, can't seem to put anything away. They all have a habit of turning any surface into storage, which gets very cluttered very quickly. A bit of vaccuuming today, some more tidying and hopefully a lot of knitting!

Til next time......Danielle

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