Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bored and Excited!

I have gotten bored with my current projects, dad's sweater because it is sooooo simple and sooooo brown, my ribbed cardigan because it is sooooo black and soooo ribbed, my niece's blanket because it is soooo pink and sooooo awkward the longer it gets.

So I have had a few ideas, which should keep me busy for many many months (and more!) and keep me interested with the different colors and techniques. I am going on a quilt/afghan/blanket binge. they are:

1. Pathways blanket, using all the varigated, self-striping and patterned yarns with a base cream color, knit on a diagonal. Quick and easy little squares, lots of color and as I'm sewing them together as I make them......quite addictive.

2. Blue Blanket, Green Blanket, Purple Blanket, Yellow Blanket, Pink Blanket, Natural Blanket, Red Blanket etc. These blankets with all be made from individual colors, but with as many variations that I can find. I intend to go through a stitch dictionary, The Harmony Guide, and create squares using techniques from the book, beginning to end. Covering basic stitches, cabling, lace, colorwork and fairisle, I hope to have very colorful, interesting and individual blankets.

3. Classic Country Quilt, using the above technique of squares using various techniques but using a variety of colors that to me represent a classic country look. Cream, muted and musty pinks, greens, blues and reds, This quilt is destined to be the centrepiece of whichever room it ends up in.

In case you are concerned about the destiny of all these quilts, they will eventually make it to their owners, the family members or friends who fall in love with them. I have no fears that they will end up homeless or banished to a cupboard, even in this house there can never be too many blankets/quilts/afghans/throws etc.

I also have plans to make baby clothes for my niece who will be delivered on 9 November. But no hurry there, I'll be making size 1 & 2's, plenty of time. I will not forget my current projects, they still hold their places, the sweater whle reading, the cardigan outside and the blanket for watching movies.

Til next time............happy knitting!


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