Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another week gone

This last week Chloe returned to school for term 4, can't believe it's almost the end of the year already! Before I know it she'll be in Grade 3! Nathan is learning new words at a lightening pace now, and very confident in getting his message across. He is almost 3 and that's just as mind-boggling a concept as Chloe being almost 8 :) Nathan is definately developing into a monster, I can barely leave the room or he'll destroy something, but at least Spring is here and the weather is lovely and i've managed to keep the kids outside. Can't destroy as much out there.

My knitting is plodding along, almost halfway through the heart dishcloth blanket for my niece. I'm knitting it in 4 long panels of 5 blocks, hoping to finish the second panel today. Dad's sweater is coming along nicely too, the body is completed and the first arm has begun. Just one arm and the neck to go. I measured the sweater against dad's back and it looks like it'll fit perfectly. It's been fantastic reading knitting! My black ribbed cardigan is making excellent progress too, especially as it is my outdoor knitting. Being ribbed and black, it is certainly easier to knit in the sun. Also being on circulars, it is easy to start up and put down no matter where i am.

My sisters have been having man troubles which keep flying my way, getting teary, hysterical calls at all times seems to be my calling. I don't understand their behaviour, but at least i get to test out and practice the skills i'm learning in my course. As I plan to help people for a living, counselling, i guess it is a positive that they want to talk to me. And I think i'm helping them. I hope.

I've finished reading Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs, and I must admit i did not like it as much as Friday Night Knitting Club. Bit boring for me. But i've started Silent Scream by Lynda LaPlante and am really enjoying it so far. I'm also listening to The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown on my iPod. Definately follows the distinctive style and concepts that are unique to Dan Brown, and i have really enjoyed it. I like stories that have some interesting concepts and ideas in them, makes for more entertaining reading than some other novels out there.

Til next time..........Danielle

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