Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Do Not Like Wool Village!

I needed a pick me up yesterday, and spending the morning at an snb made it pretty obvious I wanted some new yarn. Not alot, one skein would do, something pretty and soft and is all. So I went to the Wool Village in Brandon Park and lets just say I will not go there again.

Firstly, the shop is an absolute disaster. There is no sense of organisation, nothing is presented well, it's just a jumble of yarn in bags all thrown together. Almost like a truck has just dumped it all into the store and it is left like that.

Secondly, the store is also heavily overstocked, there is barely enough room to move let alone to look for something properly, or find anything, and with almost everything in bags, you can't even touch the little lovelies.

Thirdly, there are no prices anywhere. I live on a pretty tight budget and while shopping I like to know how much things are and I don't like asking. Makes very uncomfortable conversation when you cannot afford something. Or when you get to the register and realised you could have bought more. I just like knowing the costs.

And Lastly, she was rude to my kids. I don't tolerate that from anyone, let alone a little old lady with nothing better to do. My kids are well behaved and were just standing in the shop, advised not to move or touch anything. She wandered over and started telling them that as children they need to make sure they keep their hands to themselves and she would prefer it if they waited outside. Not happy at all. She also enquired if I knew what I was doing can i even knit? Well duh.....I'm wearing my tangled yoke......

Next time I will defintately go back to Knit'n'Purl in Dandenong, Freda is lovely, friendly, her stock is well organised, everything is easy to see and touch, prices are marked and she was really nice to my son. Obviously, customer service and presentation do matter. A lot.

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  1. I have to agree with you. I always dreaded going there as she always came across to me as a mean old lady. I rarely bought wool anyway as my mum produces our own wool from our alpacas (her shop is in Deloraine in Tasmania) but I liked to go to The Wool Village because she had piles of pattern books. However she always made me feel like I wasn't allowed to just browse through the patterns, asking me rudely what pattern I was looking for when I had no idea. I would know it when I saw it. Also being young (ie not a grandma lol) everytime she would ask me if I knew how to knit.

    Unfortunately, being from Glen Waverley it's either that or Lincraft at The Glen. Now it's just Lincraft as I went to The Wool Village today to get some circular needles and The Wool Village is no more. I tried the Kmart there but they didn't sell any circular needles of any size. I'm not sure why they have shut (found your blog while googling for an answer). If she hasn't passed away then I would say the reasons you have stated above is why they didn't succeed. Mind you, I loved the choas and the choice - I just didn't like her hovering around and not letting you just browse and get inspiratation.