Wednesday, October 12, 2011

64stitch socks

I completed a new pair of socks, using 64 stitches instead of my usual 56. I was finding that on a few pairs the socks were getting tighter and one pair in particular was unwearable. I also found a few pairs popping in the ball of the foot. So I threw them away.

But this got me thinking that perhaps I was making my socks too small, with too much negative ease. So I knit a pair with more stitches, and I am pleased to say they fit really well. Snug but not constricting.

We will see how they go over time, but I am hoping they are more durable, long wearing and comfortable.

As a side note, they are knit from Moda Vera Noir sock yarn from Spotlight. Colorway is unknown, but a mix of pink, purple, orange and green. Very happy with the results.

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