Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gorgeous Green Handspun

I finished spinning up the roving I bought from the spinning guild at Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show. It is the most beautiful green, the roving consisting of dark greens, Kelly greens, teal and jade. Rather than splitting the colors up, I just spun them as they came.

The skein has turned out beautiful and pictures don't do it justice. I think it is the most gorgeous green I have seen, with the color variations giving the wool a lot of depth and personality.

I spun it on a faster speed than usual and managed to make each single a lot finer than usual. In the end, the merino became a 2 ply fingering weight at about 300m. I still have a small quantity on the bobbin, but not enough to do anything with.

I think this skein will grow up to be a small traveling woman shawl. I know it will definitely be a shawl, it is so soft and pretty it must be worn close.

Maybe I'll cast on tomorrow.......

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