Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Daughter Is Wearing My Socks!

A lot of the socks I have made myself are too small now, either due to knitting them with only 56 stitches, my gauge being too tight, or they have accidentally made it through the washing machine and dryer.

I have discovered that when they are too tight, they itch me like crazy, and are also generally uncomfortable. So I suggested my daughter try some on and if they kinda fit she can have them as bed socks. And to her absolute delight they fit! Well almost.

The socks seem to fit really well in circumference, but still an inch or so too long in the toe. Plenty of room to grow I said. So, I will now continue knitting my bigger socks for me, and pass on all the pairs that are now too small for me. I'm just glad I found a recipient, I did not want to have to throw them away!

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