Thursday, December 1, 2011

FO: Afterthought Heel Socks

I have finished my first afterthought heel socks, and they are very similar. I expected there to be a big difference in how they looked, much more fraternal rather than identical, but they sort of worked out the same. Almost.

They fit well, however I may add an extra 1/4 inch to the foot as they feel a little bit too short. Not enough to make them unwearable, just a tiny bit noticeable. Overall I'm very pleased with how they have turned out, and the afterthought heel is so easy!

I really enjoyed knitting these colors up as well. The dark/black sections and the gorgeous blue are certainly my colors, and I'd never really liked pale pinks or bright lime greens. And yet the combination of all of these colors made a bright, colorful and happy yarn that lifted my mood every time I picked it up. I definitely want some more of these bright colors in my future.

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