Saturday, December 31, 2011

Loving my Owls

After finishing the "Ugly Socks" I got back into knitting my owls sweater, even though the season is completely wrong! I'm wearing strapless dresses due to accidental- but severe- sunburn. It is hot! So knitting a jumper seems a bit silly, but after finishing my February Lady Sweater, I remembered how much I love knitting sweaters.

I had two unfortunate projects, a grey and black striped sweater and my basic black cardigan, which kinda turned me off sweater knitting for a while. I am also a little unhappy with the fit of my Seneca sweater, I do not like the extra fabric in the back, and I should've made it longer.

So it was these projects which took away some of my enthusiasm. But I have realized that as long as I knit to fit me, and add in the design elements, I seem to be happy.

My owls sweater has nothing to do with the pattern so far, knit out of dk and not a bulky weight, I have had to do a lot of recalculating for the body and sleeves. My first attempt at the body was too big, second try a perfect fit. The sleeves are a perfect fit as well, although I did not take into account wearing a long sleeved top underneath. But I'm not going back now. I should finish the first sleeve today.

The yoke will obviously have the owls pattern in it, but it will be significantly smaller than the original design. But I think I'll prefer that anyway. Once I join the sleeves I will probably knit for a few rows, then do a decrease round to set up for the owls pattern. Follow that with 2 more yoke decrease rounds after and it should work out to plan, I hope. Looking forward to the challenge either way.

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