Saturday, December 25, 2010

Another Christmas Over

And now with all the festivities over, Christmas is finished for another year. Kids are happy, lots of pressies, I am happy, lunch was a success and my knitted gifts were a success too. And now, with all the chaos over, leftovers for dinner for the nxt few days, I am hoping to finally get some knitting and spinning in, because I sure haven't had much opportunity in the last few days, but at least those days flew.

And now, it is time to start contemplating my goals and objectives for the new year in regards to health, wellbeing and work. All three make up a person and I like to look into all three when I reevaluate things at this time of year.  Health generally includes a promise for healthier eating, more exercise and looking after myself. Wellbeing is things that make me happy, knitting, spinning, reading, anything that I do to keep myself feeling sane and well. the past this has included focussing on the kids such as when they were babies, studying or looking for work. The part of our lives we are obligated to do to survive.

There is also the aims we have as a family for our household, as a couple and just for the kids. Either way I love the idea of a fresh start even if it is just another day.

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