Sunday, December 12, 2010

Elbow deep in Fleece

When I got the spinning wheel I was also given a white fleece. It is this fleece I have spent all week washing and flicking and preparing for spinning. It has most likely been washed before, it wasn't as dirty, greasy or smelly as I expected, but either way I figured it's a great learning experience. So now all the white fleece is washed, half is flicked, a quarter waiting to be flicked and a quarter still drying.

On ebay earlier this week I was able to buy a full fleece, black/grey for $20. It has been shorn off the sheep, appropriately named Ebony, and then I acquired it. I have skirted it already, but I think I can skirt more. I may also have to remove some of the tips which are sun bleached and take away from the beauty of the natural color. Starting today I will begin washing it in batches, as I did the white fleece as I have a front loader washing machine, and I figure this will give me the opportunity to skirt as I go.

I have finished the brown roving I was given to spin, and I think this second attempt at spinning and plying was a bit more consistant than my first attempt. Although I did notice some big inconsistancies as I was plying. When I had completed the plying I still had some single on a bobbin so I decided to try out navaho plying. I saw a video on youtube and thought I'd give it a go. I think I actually prefer it to 2 ply. I liked the finished product better, it had less thin/thick parts and was fun to do.

So now to go start cleaning Ebony's fleece and flick out the white fleece......I would call her Ivory but we all know I will be dyeing her soon enough!

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