Monday, December 27, 2010

Frogging Back

Over the last few days, when I have had the chance to knit, I have picked up my striped, raglan, top-down, V-neck sweater and knit a few rounds. Things were going well, I tried it on regularly to ensure the shaping was working, and it seemed fine. But once I had done the inch or so of straight knitting for the waist, before you begin the hip increases, I realised that the sweater was just not sitting right and I had put the decrease bust shaping in the wrong place. I had also somehow ended up with more stitches on the back of the sweater than the front, and it was bunching up a bit. So later today  plan to rip back to just before the bust shaping began and try again. I don't want to, but I can tell I will not be happy if I leave it as is.

So rather than continue on last night after driving Mum home, I did some spinning and worked a bit on my socks. They have been on the needles forever, so maybe I should try to finish them up by the end of the year. My feet no longer get itchy in my handknit socks, which is great. I now find that if I wear cotton store-bought socks, my feet freeze. I now need the warmth and thickness that the handknit socks provide. Which I love because I do get a kick out of seeing the colours when I see my feet. A lot more interesting than white cotton socks.

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