Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FO - Wave Shawl

A few days ago I completed the Wave Shawl for my mother-in-law. Must say that the edging felt like it took forever, and that I was getting nowhere.......fast. A few times I was developing a strong dislike for this project, it was just taking forever. But eventually I decided to just power through and finish it and not do anything else until it was done.
 Then I blocked it and I have deceided I am really pleased with this shawl, I love the lace design and although the size is too big for me, I'm not really the sort to wrap a shawl around myself quite that much, it is still lovely. My mother-in-law, being larger should hopefully find it a very comfortable size and I really hope she likes it.
 The original shawl pattern included a sleeve, but I didn't like that idea. I wanted a more classic design, but I liked the size of this pattern and the lace edging. I think the rows of eyelets indicating the increases looks nice, it provides a narrowing effect across the shoulders and chest area.
After I memorised the lace pattern, it really flew off the needles. I am very very pleased with the way the edging blocked out and the little points I decided on. I think I may be ready to take on a larger and more complicated lace pattern now, either as a shawl or another cardigan for myself. I am eyeing the Girl Friday pattern from Knitty, an online knitting magazines with many fabulous patterns. And also the Ms Clarke shawl which looks relatively simple.....but so pretty.

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