Monday, December 6, 2010

Frantic Christmas Knitting

I have never had a good relationship with my in-laws, and that is part of the reason why I decided to knit gifts for them this year. Whether they love them or not, they can at least see the time and effort I put in as a kind of let bygones be bygones sentiment. And as December has crept up on me ( last I checked I still had ages til Christmas) I have frantically been trying to finish my mother-in-laws shawl so that I can attempt to make a shawl (small) for the great-grandmother(s).

Crazy isn't it, but I think that there is nothing more difficult than shopping for people over 80. They have everything, they are very specific with gifts, eg. can't bath, so no bath products, food restrictions, immobility etc. But I figure a nice shawl for the women and a lapghan (crochet) for the grandfather, should not only keep them happy but be greatly appreciated. I just hope I don't start a trend for an expectation of knitted gifts. It won't always happen. Plus I have too much I want to make for myself.

So, I will work frantically on the shawl's edging lace and then block it. Hopefully by tomorrow (Hopeful much?) And then I will go through my stash and find yarn and a pattern for a simple, quick knit shawl requiring about 400meters. As for my sock, still travel knitting, and my striped raglan, languishing in the corner.

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