Saturday, June 18, 2011

FO - Chunky Cabled Beret

Last week I spent an entire day knitting this:

A nice, thick and very warm beret for the days I am outside all day in the freezing cold.......which is every day at work lately. We are setting up a new store and my days are spent checking stock as it comes out of the shipping containers. The building is not finished yet either, so no office, no seats, and no heating. I have never been so grateful for my warm woollen handknits!

This hat seriously only took 1 day. 1 day of knitting it exclusively all day. But in the end so worth it. And I really loved the pattern and I knit it out of some left over 10ply I had from making my father-in-laws vest and my dad's christmas beanie and fingerless mitts, which I am very pleased to say are being worn.

I plan to knit this hat again, but there are so many in my queue, that phase 2 may be a long way away.

This weekend is about finishing for me, so hopefully I will have a few more FO's to post about, and if I can actually get on rav, then hopefully i can update my project pages. For some reason unknown to me, my laptop will not let me on rav, which is very frustrating!

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