Thursday, June 23, 2011

These socks make me Happy :)

After my unhappy ending for the Leyburn Socks, and the boring finishing of the Classic Black Cardigan, and Nathan's jacket being too big.....I needed to knit something for me, something pretty and something soft. So I chose socks. Basic, predictable pattern, at least that way there can be no surprises and I know what to expect.
So I chose this yarn, Patonyle shade 1111 (very exciting name isn't it?) and am knitting the Knitmore Girls Vanilla Sock pattern which you can find here. And I am loving it. The yarn is so soft and smooshy and feels so nice being knit, and the self-striping shades of blue are fun and pretty too! The pattern, now that I've memorised it, is easy especially for times when you need something to knit and don't want to learn anything new.....or think too much.

So with these socks I know that they will fit and fit well, and this project should be free from frustration, disappointment and boredom. And I know that as soon as these are done, another pair will be on the needles, I think I also need the quick satisfaction that a pair of vanilla socks provide.

In conclusion......these socks make me Happy, very Happy!

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