Monday, June 20, 2011

Lost Needle Gauge........Again

Although I suspect that the gauge has either decided to play an impromptu game of hide and seek or has run away for good. I don't like to think of how many needle gauges I have lost ( or ran away) from me. It is very frustrating. I do not want to go to Spotlight to buy another, yet I have searched everywhere and I cannot find it. I'm sure that it will make itself known once I have ownership of another, because, that's what always happens.

And doesn't these things always happen when you NEED them? I NEED the needle gauge to locate my 4.5mm circulars, of which I need two, so that I can begin the sleeves for my Handspun Seneca. And so instead of being able to quickly stick the needles into holes and them keeping or rejecting them, I have been holding the needles together with the existing 4.5mm that has the Seneca body on it........and attempting to assess if they are the same size or not. Very tedious and filled with self-doubt.

But in the end I think I have located the needles, and really hope that I am right. I have finally finished off my other projects (coming soon) and have begun a pair of gorgeous blue self-striping socks from Patonyle, which are my travel knitting (or knitting while on lunch, on the exercise bike or while cooking dinner). And I NEED the Seneca to make some more progress, it has been left to the side for too long and for no good reason.

So, here's hoping my nimble fingers can accurately gauge my needles, and that the sleeve I cast on tonight will be the right size. It would be just too sad if it wasn't.

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