Sunday, June 19, 2011

FO - Leyburn Socks :(

So I finished the Leyburn Socks. Not so happy. Not even sure if they will live out the week.
They look ok, and the pattern was alright, but I just don't like them. I had one of those moments back at the beginning of sock 1 that I ignored, and I shouldn't have. I did learn from these socks, I learned the provisional cast-on, and got the general idea of how a toe up sock works. Unfortunately the pattern assumes you know how to knit a toe-up sock, and suggests you "use your favourite toe and heel". Not much help for me there. But I found the Generic Toe-Up Sock Pattern by Wendy Johnson which was very helpful.

Now the first problem I have with these socks is that I do not like the way they fit my feet. I do not believe I did anything wrong, I just think that the shaping of the foot of this type of toe-up sock is not for me. I know that so many people prefer knitting toe-up socks, and prefer the way they fit, but for me, I much prefer cuff-down. Not only for the fit, which I find is really excellent for my feet, but also for the construction. I founf the toe-up method a lot more fiddly and less enjoyable. I will admit I cast on a cuff down vanilla sock within minutes of weaving in the final ends of the Leyburn socks!

My other problem, and this is probably because I have wide feet, is that the socks feel too tight, and there is no give in them. They were just not very comfortable. In fact, it felt like my feet were actually bandaged up. I know I got gauge so that is not the issue, I think it is just a combination of the inflexibility of the lattice pattern and that my feet are wide. So unfortunately, I think I may frog these socks and make another pair from a different pattern. Ordinarily I wouldn't be fussed, but I do not know of anyone else who may benefit from these socks either.

But in the end, I made them, and although they were a bit fiddly I learned a lot and still enjoyed the knitting. And that's what's important........right?

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