Saturday, January 7, 2012

I had to frog :(

Do as I expected I made errors in the ribbing of the socks, the depressing thing is I stuffed up before I had even had a drink, and still didn't 't realize. I also realized my counting needs work.

I had 62 stitches instead of 64, so I ended the second needle with Knut stitches, and began the first needle with knit stitches! Rookie mistake and I laughed when I real used, then promptly ripped it back. I cast on fresh this morning, have finished the ribbing and am happily working down the leg. Photos soon.

On another note, I calculated the yoke for my owls, and I have about 3 inches more of stockinette before I begin the pattern. I'm excited to see how it works out, but I'm expecting it to have a similar look to the tangled yoke in relation to the size and location of the pattern. So plenty of stockinette for the few drinks I've had tonight, as we have gone out to dinner with the kids.

Unfortunately my husband (love saying that!) hates me knitting in public, so while the kids are in the playground, and he is playing pokies, I am blogging. But it's proof that knitting is always on my mind.

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