Saturday, January 28, 2012

Need to go green

Today I was so aware of the gorgeous greens around me, a car, a dress, plants and grass. It made me realize I need to knit with green. I have so much green in my stash for sweaters, it's just a case of starting a project and I can relax in the bliss of green.

Nothing on my needles is green, Nathan's sweater is blue, Alicia's ishbel is purple, my socks are pink (perhaps with a hint of green but not enough) my dishcloths are mostly white and although the square I'm working on for my crochet sock yarn blanket is green, I need to knit, not in a crochet mood lately.

As to when I'll get to knit with green again, who knows. Chloe has put her hand up for a purple cardigan next and I don 't have any green sock yarn either. An excuse to buy some?

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