Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Almost a Year Later

So, it's been almost a year since I last wrote anything, and much has changed, including my skills and knowledge of all things knitting related. I have made a Central Park Hoodie, Cable and Rib Jacket by Debbie Bliss (with a zipper), a smocked turtleneck and the gathered pullover, which I added waist shaping to.

I have discovered a true passion for cables and am planning on making the tangled yoke cardigan as my next project for me. I have also discovered lace, and although I haven't approached anything very difficult, I still love the process and of course, the blocked result.

I have gotten many compliments on my knitting from family, friends and fellow knitters. This has led to many requests, that I am happy to fill out for this Christmas. I see this as an opportunity to make projects and use colours I wouldn't necessarily use for myself, but also to see who would seriously appreciate and care for a hand knitted garment. Those people will receive more, and the others, obviously not.

So the list is as follows, my Mum is getting the Que Sera from Knitty in a gorgeous pale purple called Anemone in Mystique by Bendigo Woollen Mills. It is a wool, alpaca and mohair blend and is looking stunning if i do say so myself! My father-in-law is getting a thick cabled vest in the color denim blue in Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 10ply. Kinda boring to knit, but at least it's simple. And requested. Apparantly he can't find sweater vests that are a thickness he wants, they are all too thin and not warm enough. I decided to make the wave shawl for my mother-in-law, not requested, but you can't give one a hand-knit and not the other......right? This is a large shawl and will be knit in BWM pale eucalypt too.

That's all for now........little boy is awake :)

Love Danielle


  1. re: your Mum in law :) sometimes I crochet something for the other person rather than doing a knit for them because crochet is so quick.

  2. I'm looking forward to doing the shawl I chose, it should be a fairly easy knit with the majority just in stocking stitch. The lace edging is only 13sts. But either way, It's something I wouldn't knit for me, or in a color for me, so I'm looking forward to starting it! Although I can crochet now, I don't really like it much. Just hasn't got the same appeal. While crocheting I just want to knit :)