Sunday, October 24, 2010

No Wool......But Dye

Well I am currently in Bendigo visiting my Mum, (and the Bendigo Woollen Mills!) except life stepped in and no new wool acquisitions. When I arrived here I was informed by another driver I had no brake lights working. After calling out roadside assistance it was determined that the globes and fuses are fine, it is the brake pedal switch that isn't working. Now this isn't too big a deal, the switch is reasonably inexpensive and the job takes less than 30 minutes. But being a Saturday do you think there are any mechanics? NO!!!! So I made the decision to not do any unnecessary driving to avoid accidents. Luckily the drive home is freeway all the way, so I should be ok. Then we have our mechanic ready to go first thing Monday morning.

But this meant that I couldn't really afford to buy the wool I was planning on, and it would have been a hassle getting to the mills in Mum's car, considering I don't know how to drive a manual. So I thought I musn't be meant to buy wool this week and increase my stash. So disappointing. So instead I went for a walk to the local shops and not only was the walk lovely (I love Bendigo) but I also had a nice time browsing in the shops.

One shop in particular had a large range of knitting tools and accessories, as well as wools. But none of it appealed to me. And then I saw it....Dye! The dye I bought is Rit brand and each packet is for about 1lb of fabric. Especially cotton. I remembered that I had a fair bit of cotton at home that I bought on sale at Spotlight, and I don't really like the colors. But if I overdye them I think they could be really pretty. So I bought Wine-a deep burgundy maroon colour, teal-self explanatry, and purple. I am definately looking forward to my first exploration into the world of dyeing and am very excited to see the results.

I believe everything happens for a reason, and I learned a bit about cars today, but I was also given the opportunity to do something new, dyeing, instead of just buying wool. The wool will be there next time :)


  1. Isnt it funny how these things happen. BWM is having a sale at the moment so you could always order it online if you need it. I have had a few of those moments in the past few weeks and then surprisingly found the thing I wanted a lot cheaper elsewhere so it was obviously meant to be! Hope your car is working a lot better on Monday.

  2. I know, I was really hoping to get hold of their silk supreme, and a few balls of rustic for a new jumper. Probably will order online, really wanted a silk supreme lacy cardigan for summer.