Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Tangled Yoke

Today, as i was waiting for the Que Sera to block and dry, I turned to my father-in-laws sweater vest. Basically a 2x4 rib, with the 4stitch panel doing a cable every 8 rows alternating so they are uneven. Although knit with a thick wool and on 4.5mm needles and knit in the round, it is kinda boring, working up the body. I'm in a place where I either want interesting wool, interesting pattern or a plain knit stitch I can completely zone out with. So I figured it was time to cast on a new project.

So now the Tangled Yoke Cardigan by Eunny Jang is officially on the needles, and I'm excited about it. It's going to be knit in a 5ply/sport weight so it should be a lighter cardigan for the warmer months. The yarn is 100% handwash wool, in Colonial Ocean Tweed. It is a gorgeous deep green with slight flecks of lighter and darker shades speckled through. I love it!

I'm not happy about the length of the cardigan though, definately too short for my liking. So I think i will knit the 5inches of garter rib, then 8 rows of stocking stitch before I begin the shaping. Hopefully this will keep the shaping in the right place, but add on the extra 5 inches in length I want. I love my long cardigans......obviously!

Tonight I am hoping to take Que Sera off the blocking boards, sew the shoulders together and pick up and knit the neck stitches. There aren't many rows so it shouldn't take too long. Then I'll sew in the sleeves, try it on (we are pretty much the same size) and then put it away in it's box, awaiting Christmas. After taking photos of course!

Love Danielle

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