Monday, October 11, 2010

Knitting to Audio Books

Ok, so I rarely get to watch tv. Between the necessary censorship of having a 3yo and an 8yo, the days are pretty much impossible. Nights aren't much better. I usually have no chance of winning against Brian and either his tv shows or a night playing his PS3. Sometimes they are tv shows I want to watch too, Law and Order SVU, Bones, Criminal Minds......etc, but some nights he does marathon Two and a Half Men, and although an episode here and there is entertaining, two and a half HOURS + is not really my cuppa tea.

So I have learned to love the Podcast. I have a huge list of Podcasts I listen to, Knitmore Girls, Sticks and String, KIPing it Real, Stitch It, It's A Purl Man, and many more. Obviously knitting is not always enough, I need to hear about it from others too! But there are days (or nights) when I want something a bit different, and so I have discovered audio books. I have mostly gotten hold of many of my favourite books from my fave authors and have spent my time reliving the stories I enjoyed. I will admit, I have a weakness for crime, mystery, psychological thriller novels that don't take much brain power but are thoroughly entertaining. Kathy Reichs, Jonathan Kellerman, James Patterson, Lisa Gardner, Linda Fairstein, Iris Johansen, Val McDermid, Michael Connelly, Tami Hoag and Patricia Cornwell. I also love Stephen King and Dean Koontz, when I'm after something a little bizarre.

But what I love the most is the way that I can enjoy books as audio books, and not go insane from children's programming or video games. I can still knit, exercise, cook and clean and be nicely entertained. I love you dear did I ever live without you?

Til next time........Danielle xoxox

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