Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I have spent hours looking at all the gorgeous shawl patterns available, everything from a simple shawlette to large wraparound shawls. I think, for me, the appeal lies in the shawlette. Adding that splash of colour and lace to a simple outfit, without the length of a scarf that can sometimes be annoying.

The large shawls, although beautiful, I don't think are for me at the moment, although I plan to make a large one for my wedding. Love to have the heirloom item! The shawl I have planned for my mother-in-law is very large, but mostly stockinette with a lace edging. A good start I think into the shawl world.

I know there is a difference between lace knitting and knitting lace, but I can never remember which is which. I know that I do not think I am ready for a pattern that needs lace knitted every row, I think I need the purl row for now, at least til I feel more confident with knitting lace. Likewise, I doubt I am ready to attempt a superfine laceweight project either, the thinnest I think I'll go for now is 4ply (fingering) weight yarn. I have lots of sock yarn and I think i'll mostly use that. I have decided I think most sock yarns are too pretty to be hidden on the feet, plus no matter what I do, knitted socks itch me. Too much knitting for something I won't use.

With summer around the corner I predict many shawls and shawlettes being knitted as I'm sure I won't want anything like a carigan or jumper sitting on my lap!

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