Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wedding Dramas

We have been trying to get married for over a year now. Twice we have had to postpone the wedding due to money issues, and today I had to change the date again.......all because the AFL Grand Final date has officially been changed from the last Saturday in September, to the first Saturday in October......which is of course the date we had set! And boys being boys have different priorities to us girls, so while I don't care about the Grand Final, he does. So frustrating.

So the date has been rebooked and I hope it all goes through now....hassle free. It certainly feels like we are not meant to have a wedding with the dramas we have had. Between the venue and the photographer, we have had a few headaches just in this last week. Now my priorities are:

1. Lose weight. A lot of weight. And get in shape so I look fabulous on my wedding day. If I'm doing this I might as well do it properly.

2. Knit a heirloom wedding shawl. I have a few patterns in mind, the Aeolian Shawl being at the top of the list at the moment. Need to decide what yarn to use though. Want something extravagant I think.

3. Figure out what else needs to be organised, make a budget and start stressing!!!!

Beyond that I have no idea, I think that is all I can handle at the moment. Especially considering I was planning on resuming my course next year, Nathan starting Kindergarten, Brian thinking about changing jobs, and whatever else life wants to throw at us!

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