Friday, October 22, 2010

Not Much Knitting

Over the last few days there has not been much knitting, housework, kids, visiting old friends, etc all seem to get in the way. Not that that is always a bad thing. Sometimes putting the projects down for a few days can reignite the passion felt before! The monotony of housework and the satisfaction of a job well done (especially if the house is neat and tidy) can be very rewarding. And catching up with friends is always great, especially when 5 hours fly by, absolutely fabulous!

I have almost finished the sweater vest, which is great because I am eager to start my Wave Shawl for my mother-in-law. I prefer to have minimal projects on the go, or I find I forget about them, lose my place or my momentum. I have almost finished the second side of the front, and once that is done, I will just need to sew the shoulder seams, then pick up stitches around each armhole and the neck, do some ribbing and Voila! Finito! 2 Chrissy presents down, more to go!

I am so anxious to finish my tangled yoke cardigan, as it is a lightweight cardigan, I have wished it was already done as the weather has been glorious lately, especially today with a forecast of 29C. In the sun it is hot and lovely, but I always get a bit too cool in the shade. Hopefully it will be completed in the next few weeks as I have only 23 or so rows until I have completed the body and need to start on the sleeves. Cannot wait until I reach the "tangled yoke" pattern itself, looks like so much fun! Last night I managed to get a fair few rows done at the drive-in when Brian and I went to see The Town. Excellent movie. Not something I woud normally see, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. We did go to see a double feature, the Expendables being the second film, but had to leave early as my sister was in a car accident and my dad, who was babysitting the kids, had to go get her. She is fine, car is dented, but nothing serious.

Today is set to be a quiet day at home, hopefully knitting and listening to podcasts. Although there are some serious dramas going on in my household (to do entirely with my sister who is living with us) I hope to tune them out and enjoy what should be a beautiful day.

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