Friday, September 11, 2009

All About Yesterday

I realised this morning that each blog is all about yesterday. I never have time on the day to write, I knit til i'm to tired to do another row.....then I go to sleep. So it's always the next morning that I blog about the day before. Oh well, it's all good I suppose.Yesterday was productive again once my son had his nap.

I knit and read Hide by Lisa Gardner and had a lovely break. Managed to completely finish the body of the cardigan and I measured it against my daughter because it looked like it might be too small. But thank goodness it looks like a perfect fit. I wasn't sure if i've got enough contrast yarn, so this morning i went and bought another ball and the buttons for the cardigan. So Cute! I found purple heart shaped buttons with little polka dots on them, ideal for a 7 year old I think.Haven't had a chance to work on dad's sweater yet, but I will get there. So close to finishing the cardigan that i can't stop! I guess that where I am a project knitter, I can't just put one project aside to start another. i'm too excited to see what the one i'm working on will look like when completed, if it fits and then I can take a photo! It definately becomes an obsession. Especially with projects I designed or amended myself, I get really anxious to see the end.

My two afghans for my kids were pattern free, just spontaneous and random yarn combinations. And this cardigan design was originally a varigated yarn. I didn't like it, too busy, so I chose a hot pink and a pale purple and did set stripes......and it's gorgeous!Hoping to knit today, if i ever finish up with housework and cooking. Stupid chores.....they just interfere with knitting time!Til next time, Danielle

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