Monday, September 7, 2009

Finally, A Productive Day

Well, yesterday was a very productive day, to balance out the minimal progress made the day before. Although we had a few late nights, Friday was 'UP' at the drive-in, Saturday night doing Father's Day at the in-laws, and my son's reluctance to nap when his sister is home meant very long, exhausting and unproductive days.

But yesterday it all caught up with them. The kiddies were exhausted. DD Chloe spent the day in bed watching movies, with the occasional venture out for food and company. DS Nathan did the same thing, but curled ont the couch watching 'Cars' over and over and over again. Thankfully I have my iPod and am able to tune out the tv with podcasts. But with both the kiddies so tired, i was able to spend hours on the couch myself, just knitting. Even though Nathan is 2, he knows not to touch mummy's knitting and has even figured out how to get a cuddle while mummy is knitting.

Nathan bombed out for a nap too, which was great. He so needed it. I was able to not only knit but get a huge chunk of textbook reading done which I had been putting off. Still got a bit more to catch up on, but with Chloe at school today, I hope that Nathan will nap and I can get my studying done.

Have made some excellent progress on Chloe's cardigan. It's a gorgeous hot pink with a few pale purple stripes, placed in to coincide with the button placements. So far I love it. Had to take a few notes so that I can remember when to do color changes now that the top of the cardigan is in three pieces, not to forget the sleeves. Hope to finish soon, I am anxious to start some socks and my dad's sweater. It's just a basic design, but I'm going to add in a simple fair isle design across the chest and around the arms. I got the idea from a Gap sweater I saw on the internet. Finished the planning for that project last night, and can't wait to begin!

Til next time . . . . Danielle

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