Sunday, September 6, 2009

My First Entry

Here it is, I am beginning my blog!

I am 26 and a mum of 2, DD is 7 and DS is 2. I live with my fiance of almost 9 years and my dad. (well technically he lives with us!) I am a stay at home mum, but i study a Bachelor of Applied Social Science. I expect it will take me 5-6 years to complete because it is not easy studying and writing essays with 2 kids running around driving you crazy, but you gotta love em!

I have been knitting since I was a kid, I honestly don't remember learning, but i assume it was my mum. I knew the basics of cast-on, knit, purl, cast-off and that was it. I consider myself a confident but still beginning knitter, I'm eager to try new things, but each project is teaching me something. I suppose I'm self taught, because all aspects beyond the basics I have had to learn through trial and error.

I have many ambitions with my knitting and it certainly has become an obsession this year. I began the year making afghan/throw rugs/blankets for my kids, using up alot of the yarn I had collected over the years for scarves (but they were too boring!) My kids love their blankets and use them every day. Since then I have made a hat for myself, a hoodie for my son and daughter, and a tunic dress for my niece. I have learned increasing, decreasing, raglan, picking up stitches, making stitches, knit front and back, double decrease and button holes. I have learnt how to use DPN's and knit in the round. I am now working on a cardigan for my daughter, pink and purple and I'm loving it so far. Hoping to have a productive knit day today as yesterday was taken up with cleaning!

I have many plans, a long cabled cardigan with collar for my mum, a classic rib and cable pullover for me, a simple sweater for my son that will match his "CARS" beanie, a simple fair isle sweater for my dad, a heart motif baby blanket for my niece due in November, my first exploration into socks-I want to do cuff down, toe up and magic loop.

That will probably keep me busy for a very long time.

Til next time........Danielle

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