Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sock Mastery!

Well, I had a very unfortunate experience with my first sock, it came out huge! but at least I know more about sock construction and sizing. The second sock I made came out perfect for me, so I am thrilled. By the time I started the third sock, but second of th pair, I knew exactly where i was going, what was up next and felt confident. Although I still had to check back on the pattern occasionally, I was impressed that I had already mastered the necessary skills and manouvering of the DPN's. I know many people use circulars, but I wanted to start out on DPN's, so that I can develop as many skills as possible. And to tell you the truth, I really enjoy them!

My next set of socks will be for my daughter, she picked out some very pretty pink colorways of striping and fair isle yarns. I'm pretty sure I will be able to make her 2 pairs from each 100g ball. I have many more balls of yarn in various colorways, self-striping and fair isle designs that are ideal for myself as well. I just need to master the toe seam and they will become very easy knitting options.

I woke up sick today, sore throat and stuffy nose which was pretty disappointing. DH and DD woke up the same too. Today was a beautiful day though, sunny and warmish. Although the wind made it a bit chilly. So I spent most of the day outside with my son as he played on the swingset and with his matchbox cars. The dog was happy, she played by herself chasing balls and anything else that moved. Silly thing won't go outside unless people are out there with her. Diva dog. So because I was outside for most of the day I knitted on my dad's sweater as it is knitted in te round and just knit stitch. I carry the ball in a bag on my shoulder and i can walk around my yard easily while knitting. I find i can spend hours outside with my kids this way, otherwise i get so bored i can barely last 5 minutes.

I also listened to the Knitmore Girls podcast today. I only discovered podcasts recently and I start at he beginning.......up to the most recent. I started with the Knit Picks podcast, now on to Knitmore Girls. I have KIPing it Real, CogKNITive, Manic Purl and a few more waiting in line. I'm loving it, I had no idea so many others knit, let alone that there was so much to say! I'm currently downloading the Harry Potter series of audiobooks and many more waiting in line. When I'm not listening to my iPod, I'm knitting and reading. I'm currently reading "Compulsion" by Jonathan Kellerman. Not my favourite so far, but still enjoyable. Tomorrow I have to start reading my workbook for my hird module, "Conflict Resolution". I just hope it's as interesting as my first two subjects. I'm studying a Bachelor of Applied Social Science majoring in Counselling. But with 2 kids at home, and my other commitments, it's going to be quite a few years before I finish, but I figure that's ok. It keeps my ind active and it's a great feeling to get a Distinction!

Til next time.......Danielle

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