Friday, September 11, 2009

Wedding Knits

Last night i didn't get as much knitting done as i'd hoped, we were too distracted discussing the wedding plans. We spent yesterdaylooking around at potential venues and found one that offers the chapel and reception with beautiful gardens all at the one place. So we are booking in for 3 July. This has provided me with new knitting project ideas. As it will be a winter wedding, and i will be wearing a sleeveless or strapless dress, I have already looked for patterns for a shrug and a lace shawl. I figure I would make both and see which one i want for the day. Definately the shrug, because it will make moving around easier, especially as a big dress might make things difficult enough already. But because I have wanted to try out lace, I figure this is a perfect opportunity to knit one that I love. I have found a few designs I like, but i will keep looking for the moment.

I think the shrug would be ideal for the reception and the shawl for outdoor photos. I'm really torn between what shape to choose. I love the triangular shape, the way it sits and the way that the pattern is displayed so clearly. Some of the rectangular shawls have the intricate designs slighly hidden, because they are scrunched up. But some of them are gorgeous so it's hard to decide. The round shawls are impressive, but i'm concerned they may be too big, and the square shape looks adaptable, but i worry that it will be too bulky. After all, for a bridal outfit you want it to be delicate, glamorous and beautiful.

So plenty more researching I think!The cardigan is getting there, slowly. I will definately finish the first sleeve today and start the second sleeve, but depending on nap times, and bedtimes will depend on how much time i get to knit. I also need to fit in reading some of my textbook and i have to finish the book "Hide". I read it til my eyes were blurring last night.

Til next time.......Danielle

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