Friday, September 11, 2009

No Knitting, Just headaches

Last night and today i have had some of the worst headaches ever.....all stress related. My partner of almost 9 years and I have finally decided to get married, but there is so much involved! Not to mention the finances of the whole affair. At least we have managed to find somewhere that we both like, that contains the chapel, beautiful gardens and a reception room with full catering and a bar. But my head already hurts!

I haven't had much time to knit or read or both because of the running around and research. I also have the kids to look after, chores to do and catch up on some studying :( but I'm determind to get sleeve number 1 finished today, even if I have to drink a gallon of coffee.I'm absolutely loving the book "Hide" by Lisa Gardner. Definately recommend it to anyone who loves psychological thriller/ mysteries. But then I've loved all her books that i've read. I just got my hands on the new Kathy Reichs novel "206 Bones" and "the Scarecrow" by Michael Connelly. At the library I also found "Bones" and "Compulsion" by Jonathan Kellerman and Kate Jacobs' "The Friday Night Knitting Club,". I haven't read much in ages with all the studying i've been doing, so i'm really enjoying myself. When I get the time!

My son hasn't napped for the last 2 days, which has meant very long and loud days. Hopefully tomorrow, with his dad back to work, he can give me a break and nap away the afternoon, at least til we pick his sister up from school. In one more week we have the term 3 holidays, two weeks off school. Luckily Brian, my partner (soon to be hubby) is taking most of the holidays off, so we can go do some things with the kids, and even give each other a break, hopefully. I just want to get a few hours of knitting and reading in a day and i'll be happy. I'm really very simple, not high-maintenance at all!

Til next time.......Danielle

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