Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sick, but still knitting!

I have laryngitis, lucky me! And a sinus infection, so i feel like crap. No exercise but no rest either. A flaw to having children, especially in the school holidays, but we'll get there. At least I've had plenty of time to knit and listen to podcasts. I'm getting the new iPod which will be great, my current one is only 8GB, but my lovely man has ordered me the 160GB model, so i won't have to pick and choose my audiobooks, music, podcasts and photos. I'll just put it all on there!

I have made more progress on my niece's blanket, nearly finished the first panel. 1 of 4 i think. I'm already kinda over it, but i think that's because i'm sick of knitting with hot pink. I've started a second pair of socks, these ones are a pink, purple and white colorway. Very pretty. This time i'm making them a bit shorter. Although i followed the pattern last time and started the toe decreases at the right place, the socks are a bit long. By about an inch. So this time I'm beginning the toe decreases sooner.

The sweater for my dad has reached that stage where it's hard to see progress. I knit this when I'm reading, I finished Compulsion by Jonathan Kellerman last night while knitting. Now i'm starting Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs. But i love knitting in the round. It's perfect knitting for reading!

I'm going to try and get better now,

Til next time..........Danielle

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