Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Multiple Projects

I have made excellent progress on my daughter's cardigan, but now it is getting a little fiddly. With the stitch holders, extra balls of yarn, decreases and color changes, it really isn't suitable for me to carry around. I don't KIP yet, but i like to knit while watching kids tv shows and movies, or while I am outside with them. So I started my dad's sweater. For now the sweater is simple and can be carried around easily. Although the pattern is to be knit in pieces, I decided to knit the body in the round which certainly makes it easier to carry around.

The sweater needs 18 rows of k2p2 ribbing, which I found is actually a bit tricky on dark yarn, but now that I'm 5 rows in, it's easy. This sweater is ideal for reading and walking around my backyard, as after the ribbing there is a ridiculous amount of stocking stitch, and as it's knit in te round, it's only garter stitch. Simple, and mindless.

I still have a pile of projects to begin, but for the moment i think i will leave it at these two. I worked on the cardigan alot once the kids were asleep in bed. Set up in the lounge, a cup of tea and a book for the repetitive rounds. Once it got fiddly again i switched to my iPod. Listened to the Knit Picks podcast. I have other podcasts in line, including Knitmore Girls, CogKNITive, and a few more. Hopefully they are good.

I finished my book, Star Struck by Val McDermid, it was not the best bok, but certainly easy to read and follow. Now I am going to read Hide by Lisa Gardner. I love her novels.

Til next time......Danielle

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