Monday, November 29, 2010

Book: Ashford Book of Spinning

Considering the wheel I have is an Ashford Traditional, I thought it very lucky for me to find the book The Ashford Book of Spinning at my local library. It's step by step instructions and descriptions of the parts of the wheel have all helped me tremendously.

To start with the book describes the basic information, how to spin, what the parts do, and what fibre to use. It explains how to hold your hands, calculate the twist, prepare the fibre and care for your wheel. It also covers breeds of sheep, information about their fleeces, how to spin different staple lengths and crimps, how to blend fibres and how to ply the fibres.

Reading this book made a lot of what I was doing click.....and I felt a greater understanding of what I was doing and why. I realised I need to add a bit more twist to my singles and that my spinning style is worsted. My tension needed adjusting and that helped things to work better, and my yarn consistancy is improving already. Although I still have a long way to go I'm sure.

I have finished 2 bobbins and have begun plying, so far I think I am happy with the result, but I won't know the full results until after I have taken it off the bobbins and set the twist. I think that's right! Either way I am loving this experience and am enjoying the new challenge. Even though I never thought I'd be interested in spinning!

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