Wednesday, November 10, 2010

High Concentration

I have reached the celtic horizontal cables of the tangled toke cardigan, and especially as it is not something I have done before, I'm finding I need to maintain a high level of concentration. Last night when I began on the yoke pattern, I chose to go without tv, podcasts, audiobooks or company. I wanted peace and quiet so I could make sure that I was doing it all right as I do not want to rip back. So far I am pleased with how it is going, although each row is taking me 30minutes, so this yoke will be with me for a few days. I don't know if it is looking how it is meant to look, but I think it does. I have been following the directions carefully.

This is the first pattern I have come across that has so many different features, 2x1 cables, 2x2 cables, 2x3 cables, 5 into 1 increases and decreases. So many twists and turns that I followed the advice of others and colour coded my chart so it was easier to read. Once I have done the repeat a few times, I memorise it, but the need to make sure I do the right amount before I change to the next pattern repeat means I need to focus.

Ordinarily in my house, the ability or opportunity to focus and concentrate is almost impossible to find. Between the kids, my partner, phone calls and general noise, the only time I have to work on my yoke will be after 9.30pm when my 8 year old goes to sleep. Before that there is too many interruptions. As it is, I'm not guaranteed the nights either, lately my 4 year old son has been having bad dreams and waking up crying. By next year I hope to have more time to myself, but then again, that time is supposed to be for studying.

In conclusion I am having s much fun with the yoke, even though I have only done a few rows. I was stunned to find 2 hours had passed since I had sat down. I was totally immersed in the pattern, the yarn and the moment. I intend to do this more often.

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  1. Oh, I wish you all the best luck! It really sounds like a challange. But the pattern is so beauteful so I suppose it's worth the effort. I have been thinking of doing one myself, but it's still just a thought.

    Take good care of yourself!