Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cast on for Regia!

Well I couldn't take it anymore, I had to cast on for a sock, and I chose some Regia I already had. It has blue, green, browns and is gorgeous. It is a self-striping yarn too. So I wore a pair of hand-knit socks since last night, and I have been fine. No itchies. No idea why. But that was all I needed to cast-on. I have decided on some anklet socks, because I figure I mostly wear anklets, and I can probably get two pairs of socks for every 100g ball of sock yarn. That's the plan anyway.

I want to save the long socks for the textured, lace and cabled sock patterns. There are so many gorgeous patterns out there and I love most of the complex patterned socks when they are in a solid colour. So I will use just a fingering weight solid wool for those socks. Most of the time I would probably only wear the decorative socks at home, certainly not for going for a walk.

So it felt fabulous casting on for my sock, and I'm excited about it, hoping especially that the Regia won't itch my feet. Although I'm wearing Moda Vera socks now and they are ok. It was great seeing the different colours and knitting something different, I think I was getting a bit burned out on my cardigan, since I have been pretty much been monogamous. As I was with the sweater vest too. But I find that when I want something knit, I am better off going all in, otherwise I get worried it won't get finished.

I think I'm also suffering a bit of cabin fever. I haven't gone anywhere or done anything for a few weeks now, and I think I seriously need a few hours outside the house and away from the kids. Some adult time. Which is almost impossible. Last week I wanted to get out, but Brian was in a bad mood and I didn't think I could get away with leaving him with Nathan for a few hours. Then on the weekend I had to running around and cooking for my brother-in-laws 40th birthday last Saturday. So now I'm feeling a bit frustrated, a bit closed in and a bit bored.

I would love nothing more to buy some new wool since I can't seem to escape....but since having to fix the car and Brian using $100 to gamble on the Melbourne Cup.....there is no money left. Have to wait a few weeks. I'm sure the weather has a bit to do with feeling a bit down, we have had more rain in this last week than we usually see in a month. Not to mention it is cold and overcast too. Not feeling much like Spring. But, knowing will be the opposite this time next week!

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