Saturday, November 27, 2010

Building a rhythm

I finished a bobbin last night, still have no idea of the quality that I spun but I guess I'll find out soon enough. I am starting to build up a rhythm and getting longer stretches of consistant yarn, but those little bumps and super skinny bits still appear here and there. I also found myself getting some weird areas of over-twisting, and others that were under-twisted. But once again a learning experience.

After all, I need to just look at my earlier knitting projects to see the development of skill and knowledge as each item is finished. The seaming, cables, picked up stitches, button bands and holes......have all improved, and still have more improvement to go. And I doubt I will ever reach a stage of perfection, but that is the beauty of hand-crafts, the imperfections that make it yours and no body elses.

I have noticed time flies when I am spinning, especially when I am in rhythm. I found there were less instances of losing the thread, and equally trying to get it restarted again. I think I managed to spin a lot more in last nights session than in the previous sessions. I also noticed the importance of the tension when spinning, I was getting some very odd, loose yarn threading on the bobbin, not having the tight, efficient look it should. I remedied this by tightening the wheel a bit and going a bit faster. I have found that I work better when I am going a bit faster.

Still so much to learn it boggles the mind! But what a fun journey.

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